Volleyball at The Piazza ©2017

Sign-Up FAQS

  1. 1.In order to secure your spot, payment must be made. We are unable to hold spots without payment.

  1. 2.Returning Teams are any teams that played in either the first or second session last year. If you skipped last year, you will need to sign up as a new team.

3. Any returning team can sign up for any night they want. We will not stop a team from switching nights.

4. There are 140 spots open for the first session. You have the option of paying for both sessions at the same time if you want to. If you choose to wait you have until June 20th to guarantee your spot on the night you are currently playing on for second session.

5. If you are a current team and you want to switch nights you will have to wait until June 21st. when all remaining spots are open to the public.

6. Every team must fill out the full set of registration material even if you have played in the league since the very beginning.

7. When in doubt please e-mail me! piazzavball@yahoo.com